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Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's about time...

... I start a blog about something I'm working on for a while now and also, some future projects with other people... (but I'd like it to be a secret for now. Definitly more later!)

The reason why I start blogging is to share a lot a things, for those who'd like to read it.

I'd love to share the start of something new, my own label Queen Nefertete.

Thanks to the wonderfull Caitlin Shearer.
She designed my logo, for which I just cannot thank her enough.
I'm so happy about it!
Miaw, look how cute.

About this queenly cat logo... YES, it's dedicated to our cat. Last year I got this really cute kittin from my boyfriend, and since then she lightens up my days. My boyfriend chose her name and I was sold. 

Queen Nefertete means "The beautiful one has come".
Which I think is really nice to have as the meaning of my own label!
She was a Egyptian Queen in the 14th century BC.

More about her a next time, that's it for now!
Thanks to Caitlin, my cat and my boyfriend for this really nice name!


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