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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

baby they are here

thank you santa fre <3

I expected yellowish paper, because the prints are eco friendly, a little preconception, I know.
We were very surprised to see that the paper is shinyyy and the prints look better than I hoped for!
These business cards are printed on FSC certified paper! No recycled paper, but a ecological alternative, if you are interested, read all about it on their homepage.

PROVED: you can be eco and still be fancy!

love luci x.


  1. What's the ink on the cards made of? Petroleum-based solvents or oils with pigments containing toxic substances such as chromium, lead or cadmium?
    I had to react 'cause you said 'eco'...

  2. Hi there, the company tells you they use environmental vegetable oil based inks sealed with a water based protective coating sealant - a biodegradable alternative to laminating.

    So I hope that's true and it sounds ecological to me.
    We did the best we could to find a company like this.

    This is the company, you can check them out if you want.

    love, luci x

  3. Thanks. Good luck with your business!