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Friday, January 29, 2010

what i've been up to lately

...learning to crochet hats and it's going pretty well, i love learning!
soon (next week) on etsy! and new vintage stuff, yay! 
and more bubble neckwarmers!

enjoy the little sparkles of sun! and this fun fun bollywood song (she sings about her colourful land) it's been haunting my head all week, since we have to dance on it in our bollywood dancing class!

love luci x.


  1. Wow you are extremely good at long did it take you to learn?

    And I love bollywood and hindi movies, so musical :)

  2. it took two hours to understand and try out a pattern and now its in my head! yay :)

    yes, bollywood and hindie are the best! musical and funny :)

    love luci x