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Friday, March 5, 2010

a new part of our story: HAMMER TIME

you heard me : HAMMERTIME !!
a few days ago I went to Shari to check out our new caravan, sit around and talk about the colours, the furniture, trying to un-screw (veryyy slowly) some old furniture to make place for new things.
shari found herself a hammer and decided to smash everything into little pieces and yes, it was fun!
bye-bye crappy, old furniture, make room for better things!

our caravan is now emty and ready to repair, paint, restyle and fill with loads of pretty things!
next step: choosing colours and refilling holes

here are a few pictures of our first hard day of work, enjoy!
and yes, just the two of us... no men hiding behind the closet :p all girl-power


"a poster for everyone at the workplace! also for the ladies :p"

"the trash"


  1. Een hit voor een nieuw tv programma ... hoe verbouw ik mijn caravan !

  2. haha, that title made me laugh :)
    there must be a good song to do the hammering on, maybe one of Nick Cave (from his period with the Birtday Party), :-)