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Sunday, May 2, 2010

bows, make more?!

hi there!

i started making bows for in your hair, what do you think?
need to make more of these lovelies?

i had a very fun time the last days working in our caravan, new pictures soon! it's becoming really really pretty! ♥ yay for shari and me for working this good together!

next week is my last week of a big order, after that, stitching as crazy for Etsy and the "GENTSE FEESTEN", where I'm going to spend 10 lovely days in the sun with Hilde Groven! :) come visit us!
more about this later!

have a nive new week, enjoy the sun and be creative! :)

note: pretty blue earrings by Hilde Groven


  1. I love your bows, make more!!!!!
    And I will surely visit you both in Ghent!
    Where exactly will you have your booth?

  2. the caravan lives in hasselt!
    but she will travel belgium!
    antwerp, brussels, ghent, bruges, .... ?

    love luci x.