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Thursday, June 10, 2010

eco eco ecooo fabrics

hi there!
just to let you know that i'm still alive and kicking and sewing for the big market at the Gentse Feesten! I wish I had more time to blog en show you pictures.. 

I'm here to tell something really, really nice! or so I think... ;)
Since the beginning of Queen Nefertete, I wanted to do something with ecological fabrics, but they were pretty hard to find in Belgium!

last week I found a nice company from the Netherlands with eco fabrics, excited as I was, I ordered a few fabric samples to see what the fabrics looked like in real life and I was stunned!
Pretty colours, soft fabrics, ... = PERFECT! 
(and a really lovely fabric with a lovely pattern!!)
I'm going to order a few colours to make some prototypes! 
After the "Gentse Feesten" (end of July) this will be my main collection!
I'm planning to work with an ecological collection and combine it with my one-of-a-kind collection (ofcourse!)

To all you green people, keep your eyes open!
I'm over the moon!

Okayyy, back to sewing!
Here are pictures of a pouch, enjoy!

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