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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

how to follow my blog

A few people asked me to explain how you should follow this blog. is from Google, so you can easily follow it with your Gmail-account, but even without it you can.

And because images are easier than words sometimes...
here's a little how-to:

There are two ways to follow.

First way:
- you click on "FOLLOW" or "VOLGEN" (depending on the language on your computer)
- you can follow it with your Gmail account or anonymous

Second way:
-on the right side of this blog you can see "FOLLOWERS", if you click on "FOLLOW" you get a little window with a few options. You can use Google, Aim, Yahoo, Netlog or an Open ID (you can use a URL, like facebook, myspace, twitter, ...)

Afterwards you can Follow the blog on your Dashboard at

...or at your Gmail-account in your Reader. 
Which is pretty nice if you follow more blogs, so you can see all their updates all together!

Now you know,
thanks for reading,
love, luci x

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